The Wave Of Digital Printing Is Surging!

- Apr 07, 2018-

 As a new type of printing method, digital printing meets the market's increasingly diversified demands for high-end textile ink jet printing technology due to its advantages of high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect and less pollution. With the diversification of consumer demand, the traditional grey cloth printing has gradually developed from large-volume production to small-batch, multi-species, and individualization. The traditional printing and dyeing industry as a high-energy-consuming and highly-polluting industry has gradually been replaced by digital printing.

 It is understood that at present, European printing and dyeing companies have stopped adding new traditional printing and dyeing processing capabilities, of which the flat screen production line has been basically eliminated due to complicated operations and slow production speed, and its market share is basically replaced by digital printing. Rotary screen printing has a higher speed and lower costs, and some companies still maintain operations. However, with the introduction of new high-speed digital printing equipment, the market share of traditional printing will continue to be reduced. Nowadays, the newly increased printing capacity in Europe and the United States is almost entirely Digital printing.

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