Woven Labels And Printed Labels

- Apr 13, 2018-

Woven labels are all yarns to express patterns. Woven labels are different from the original graphic design. Therefore, it is not possible to confirm that it is impossible to make large goods. Selvedge labeling: When the required trademark is knitted at one time according to the width, it is called selvedge trademark. This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but the yield is low. There is also a flat/satin surface, which is characterized by a soft and firm feel. More suitable for higher fashion goods, such as fashion, suits and so on. The woven border is generally made of satin, but the satin background is difficult to express, and the usual hot coloring/dyeing processes solve this problem. A machine is set to be flat or satin, which is generally relatively fixed. The general width of trimmed satin can not exceed 10.8CM, selvage generally does not exceed 5.0CM.

In addition to the width, total length of each color, and process related, the cost of cloth labels is also the type of yarn used. JB series yarns are commonly used in the world.

Silk screen

More suitable for high-quality large-volume paper printing, silk screen printing is a very flexible process.

Principle: basic as wax paper mimeograph, but the version is not the same. There is a special screen printing screen. It is direct printing. Ink thick.

Features: The cost of plate making is low. It can basically be used for any media printing: paper, plastic, pvc material, cloth, glass, etc. For example, small batches of simple cloth branding, but with obvious shortcomings, can not be very accurate, can not be four-color overprint, even if it can, the network is also more crude, of course, machine printing will be better than manual printing. Commonly used to screen printing processing accessories are: plastic tag, all kinds of skin card, all kinds of pvc standard, ribbon, special printing standard. The combination of screen printing and offset printing can also make special effects on the clothing tag.

The use of silk screen printing is more flexible than the application of weaving reeds. It can be used for paper tag, fabric trademark, ribbon stamp, PVC material, glass, etc. The principle of weaving is the same as weaving, while the silk printing trademark is based on the principle of printing. Printed on fabrics, silk-screened trademarks look more beautiful than weaving marks, and the surface is more delicate and smooth, and is generally used for high-end clothing trademarks.

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