The Maintenance Of Different Fabrics

- Apr 06, 2018-

Cotton: Generally, it is more alkali-resistant and high-temperature, so cotton fabrics can be washed in alkaline aqueous solution and hot water. However, when the dark fabric is washed, the temperature should not be too high to avoid discoloration. Due to the shrinking degree of cotton fibers, the clothes are easy to wrinkle, and they are not resistant to acid and are easy to mold under wet conditions.

Hemp fabric: The most important feature of hemp is its high strength, hemp fabric has the characteristics of friction resistance and pull resistance. The linen fabric has good alkali resistance, and various soaps and synthetic detergents can be used for washing. The poor elasticity of hemp fiber belongs to the worst elasticity among natural fibers. After washing, it must be ironed in order to keep it crisp.

Wool: Wool fiber has plasticity, hygroscopicity, shrinkage, elasticity, resilience and other characteristics. Therefore, it is more complicated when washing. Wool is a protein fiber, poor resistance to alkali, not high temperature, most of the full sweater is suitable for dry cleaning. Generally, wool can also be washed, but when it is washed, it should be soaked in warm water below 40 degrees. Whenever the whole sweater is collected, it must be sun-dried several times, until the heat is exhausted, and then it is released.

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