Introduction Of Sequin Embroidery

- Apr 02, 2018-

 Sequin embroidering refers to the use of green sheets of high-temperature resistant PET materials of various colors, which are punched into bead strips of the same size and size using a punching machine, and then embroidered on an embroidery machine equipped with a sequin embroidery device. The sequin embroidered product consists of a number of individual beads and stitches. When the sequin embroidery work, the film feeding device moves the long, tape-like beads to the fabric, and then cuts the slicing blade of the device, cuts off one of the beads, and the embroidery needle is in the center of the bead. (bead holes) pierce into the fabric, fix the position of the beads, and then embroider one or two needles and three needles along the outer ring of the beads and wrap the beads in close contact with the fabric. on. In the repetitive movement of the sequin embroidery device and the embroidery needles, a glittering sequin embroidering is completed with the movement of the embroidery frame.

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