What Are The Process Of Leather Patches?

- Jan 24, 2018-

 Technique/Process: Paper card process can be divided into voltage, printing, cutting, car line, laser, embroidery, playing hardware, the following we on the specific process of leather card, to everyone to make a simple introduction.

 Embossed/Debossed: that is, through the high frequency of high temperature machine, in the leather card imprinted LOGO and patterns on the mold, this process is usually also called voltage or heat pressure, high frequency, etc. Although the name is different, the principle is the same.

Printing: The designated LOGO through silk screen and other technologies, printed on the leather surface, the quality of print will affect whether it can not decolorization, and the service life.

 Cutting: the skin card in accordance with the pre-assumed shape of the people, through the cutting machine, cutting out the corresponding shape, the process is relatively simple, just follow the specifications do die cutting can be.

 Sewing line: pickup line in order to achieve some special effects, can be made of special shape and style skin card, this process is generally used in the latter part of the combination with other products.

 Laser: Through the laser on the leather surface, making LOGO patterns, etc., to make a special effect, the laser out of the pattern in the washing test a slight advantage, at present more than in use.

 Embroidery: Through the professional embroidery machinery, weave the pattern logo on the leather with yarn, or weave the woven label onto the leather card.

Playing hardware: the hardware and leather riveted to some, usually in the hardware above the logo or pattern to make, can be directly riveted.

 Part of the above process, because of its own shortcomings, will lead to a good product can not be washed test, so the choice of technology is the need to combine product positioning and the advantages and disadvantages of the process, flexible choice.

Brown Debossed Logo Leather Label