How To Maintain Metal Zipper?

- Jan 25, 2018-

How to maintain the metal zipper?

 Description: Metal zipper is a kind of zipper, refers to the zipper's teeth made of copper, copper or aluminum zipper, compared to nylon zipper and resin zipper, the more solid, the cost is higher, more for jeans, jackets and Backpack.

Maintenance tips:

 First, the scientific use of metal zipper: 1, pull the metal zipper, you must first on both sides of the teeth near the top must be aligned, and then pinch the metal zipper head along the track gently pulled, can not be too hard to pull. 2, when moving the metal zipper head, be careful not to twist the cloth or cloth edges and other debris twisted into the metal zipper, so as to avoid "tooth skew", "broken belly", "tooth off" and so on. 3, if the metal zipper hair astringent, not easy to pull, do not pull hard, you can put some wax or soap on the metal zipper, you can pull.

Second, to prevent damp metal zipper, oxidation, rust and discoloration. 1, to avoid contact with the humid environment: Because the metal zipper due to metal oxidation caused by part of the tooth blackening phenomenon. 2, to avoid contact with the rubber band: Because the rubber band itself contains sulfide rubber bands tied metal zipper, the metal chain will produce curing phenomenon (black). 3, washed and promptly cleaned and dried: Because the dye in the fabric or residual chemicals and metal parts oxidation-reduction reaction may cause metal parts discoloration.

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