How To Prevent Rusty Metal Buttons?

- Jan 23, 2018-

 In peacetime, for the decorative clothing, shoes, bags, often use metal buttons. However, when used for a long time, we find that metal buttons are rusty due to their metal quality is more affected by the environment. Light affect the appearance of beauty, weight may lead to unusable, so that the value of the use of clothing to reduce. So, for metal products, we should pay more attention to rust prevention in our daily life.

The causes of rusty metal buttons are mainly three points:

 First, the high humidity in the atmosphere. When the atmospheric humidity reaches a certain amount, the combination of water and oxygen, the metal surface began to oxidation and a series of chemical reactions, resulting in rusty metal button surface.

 Second, corrosive gases. When the air contains a lot of corrosive gases, the impact on the surface of the metal fastener is extremely large, which is most affected by the sulfur dioxide, the main source of sulfur dioxide is the combustion of coal.

 Third, the dust in the air, such as smoke, coal ash, chloride and other acids, alkalis, salt particles are also very corrosive. If exposed to air and combined with water, will become the strongest corrosion factor of metal products.

If we use the items containing metal buttons, how should we prevent it from rusting?

 Roots and root causes should be rooted in the root cause and finding the factors that can lead to rusting can fundamentally prevent rusting. Rust is due to moisture, heat, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, chloride, dust and other factors, so rust is to try to avoid contact with these factors. At present, the button has been made in advance of the rust-proof work done. Such as: adding some elements in the metal smelting, improve the resistance of the metal against the erosion of the external medium; corrosion-resistant metal surface treatment, so that the formation of the surface conversion layer or additional surface coating; cathodic protection, the use of rust inhibitors , Vapor corrosion inhibitor, peelable plastic, sealing and other methods to temporarily isolate the metal surface and the external environment, the use of metal products can also be successfully removed these rust-proof materials, this method can be used up to several years.

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