Feature Introduction Of Zipper

- Jan 22, 2018-

 Different zipper in different occasions have different characteristics, the following were introduced metal zipper, nylon zipper and plastic zipper these commonly used zipper features.

Metal zipper:

1. Metal zipper can be used in various occasions, but generally prefer to use on pants, jackets. Sometimes used in diagonal, leather, bags and other occasions symbol of "high."

2. Metal zipper is the earliest origins of a zipper series, mainly copper and aluminum-based materials, copper can be formed through the oxidation of bronze, nickel, guns and other colors. Is the highest cost of any zipper series.

3. Finished zipper slider to the main plating.

4 is not suitable for use in the corner of the occasion.

Nylon zipper:

1. Nylon zipper can be used in various occasions, but generally prefer to use in sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, tents.

2. Nylon zipper is a serious lack of metal material was born and invented, such materials are mainly polyester-based materials, the cost is relatively low, but also the current market is more like a zipper. Zipper is a spiral element, and zipper series forming a rather special kind, so it does not exist in the physical indicators of a single tooth shift strong project.

3 commonly used slider is painted, and sometimes also use the plating.

Plastic zipper:

1. Plastic zipper can be used in all kinds of occasions, but generally prefer to use in the clothing pocket.

2. Plastic zipper is a nylon zipper material after the birth and invention of a kind of such materials mainly copolymerization of formaldehyde-based materials, the cost of nylon and metal zipper in the middle of such a zipper durability than metal and nylon Zipper is good.

3. commonly used zipper head is painted, and sometimes also used electroplating.