Inspection Requirement Of Metal Jewelry Button

- Jan 21, 2018-

 With the development of modernization, different kinds of buttons and clothing emerge in different ways. However, what is the production flow of metal buttons? Details are as follows.

1. Control samples or confirm the sample.

2. Package maintenance, appearance inspection / customer requirements for performance testing all qualified? Then sub-packaging.

3. Buttonhole should be smooth and smooth; Needless to wear and tear all eyes? Symmetrical and no big eyes. If it is dark eye buckle? Dark eye groove should be smooth, no significant burst. Look at the color, the model is consistent with the sample;

4 pattern should be no significant deformation, no white-eye, white circles and other phenomena;

5. Car back without car crack, bubble; no bad edge, the phenomenon of uneven thickness;

6. Electroplating or other processing, the effect should be uniform, if it is some special effects can not be consistent? Can be packaged separately. The number of packaging should be consistent with the delineation, and the actual number of bags per bag should be in line with the designated number. Found due to thickness or other reasons, when the allowance is overhauled.

7. Hardware jewelry button surface should not have cracks, gaps, uneven and significant scratches;

8. Urgent button / Cap button / Prong button Before shipment to try to test the button function and availability, and provide proofing and test samples to the customer.

Custom Metal Tack Button For Jeans

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