How To Maintain The Zipper

- Jan 20, 2018-

 Zipper has been used in many places now clothing, zipper can be installed in the jacket pullover, men's trousers placket, all kinds of clothing and clothing fat and flexible parts. These zippers instead of buttons, buttons, not only beautiful but more important is very convenient.

 Clothing zipper is to use every day, the use of science can extend the life of the zipper, then accessories network Xiaobian to introduce how to use and protect the zipper on clothing.

 When pulling the zipper, you must first align the top and then the teeth on both sides, and then pull the zipper head gently along the track to pull, do not pull too hard when pulling. When moving the slider should pay attention not to the skirt or cloth and other debris twisted into the zipper, so as to avoid tooth skew, broken belly, tooth off and so on. If the zipper hair astringent, not easy to pull, not hard-drawn, the zipper can be painted some wax or soap, you can pull.

 There are basically three kinds of zippers: metal, nylon and plastic zipper. For aluminum alloy or copper zipper, the use and storage process, be careful not to damp, do not contact with alkaline and acidic substances, so as to avoid damaging the metal teeth, oxidation is corrosive. For nylon and injection zipper should pay attention to high temperature, so as not to deform. Because of its wear resistance, hardness, strength, such as metal zipper, the use of metal zipper to be more careful, be sure to pull light tooth Caixing.

 If the zipper in use in the event of failure, must be promptly repaired. Metal zipper with teeth off or skew and so on, can remove the bad teeth, add new teeth, can still be used; when the zipper pull, the two teeth do not close, indicating that the zipper head wear loose, available ordinary pliers in the zipper 

 Close the head side of the folder gently horizontal, zipper immediately get better, on both sides of the teeth together, no longer cracked. If the zipper pull does not move, the clamp force is too large, you must re-adjust; some zipper is two off the tooth, the tooth can be separated from the part, the zipper head to move inside, with the needle fixed end can also continue to use ; If the zipper teeth and zipper head are not metal, the broken can not generally be repaired, but updated.

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