What is hanging tablet?

- Dec 22, 2017-

 (Sling) is mainly used for hanging clothing tag, which is the link between clothing and clothing tag (clothing trademark, clothing brand logo, washing logo, price tag, etc.). Hanging tablets (slings) as an integral part of apparel trademark clothing accessories, a good tag, hanging tablets with clothing accessories to better reflect the design taste and highlight the effect of apparel brand, which is mainly composed of rope, fork , Plastic body, logo, hot color of several parts.

Application of hanging tablets:

Hanging tablets and more for clothing, there are some brand watches, bags, shoes and hats, jewelry, umbrellas and other products need to hang on the label.

Granulation process components:

Early hanging tablets (slings) from some simple cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope, braided rope tied knot ring use, can not achieve the brand highlights and special effects, after the aluminum shell plus printed paper stamping , But the shape is simple, easy hooking hooks clothing, most of the injection molding process is used, the material is mostly two-in-one word hanging tablets

custom clothing hang tag with logo