Plain Taffeta

- Dec 21, 2017-

Plain Taffeta

 Taffeta clothing with a single color dyed cooked silk; flash taffeta use the warp and weft of different colors, woven into the fabric to form a flash effect, the article is the use of different colors of taffeta warp silk and silk according to the law Arranged at intervals, woven into the fabric, the formation of the strip effect; Jacquard Taffeta referred to as the flower taffeta, is plain plain in the plain tartar, woven satin through the flower. Taffeta close and clean, smooth silk, smooth and detailed, feel stiff, bright color, soft and bright shade. Not easy to dip ash. Mainly used for women's spring and autumn clothing, holiday gowns, down jacket fabrics.

 And taffeta-related there is a polyester taffeta, referred to as polyester taffeta.

 Polyester taffeta, is a entired polyester taffeta thin fabric specifications 190T, 250T, etc.

 Polyester taffeta, for jackets, umbrellas, car sets, sportswear, marine umbrellas, handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, artificial flowers, shower curtains, tablecloths, covers and other high-grade clothing lining.

 PA PU PVC coated silver coated white coated red coated black super water repellent and a series of post-processing on 170T, 180T, 190T, 210T, 230T, 240T, 260T, 300T (Poly100%).

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