Note the six things when using plating buttons

- Dec 23, 2017-

Due to the different materials of buttons, so we should be clear in the use of related matters.

1, the use of high temperature steam iron, do not spray the steam directly on the button.

2, after ironing should also wait until it is completely cooled box, because of high temperature and humidity is a taboo plating button. (Especially environmentally friendly plating)

3, do not spray chemicals such as detergents directly on the button. These chemicals will make the button yellow, black, and even the surface off!

4, fabric or leather with acid over high, chemical agents when washing water is too high, it will make electroplating discoloration, grim skin peeling!

5, button machine model must be associated with the button, because the embryo is too loose, too large, will play the button crooked, broken, too tight, it will scratch the surface, in the case of the injection surface will paint peeling.

6, the material thickness, thin, soft, hard, flexible, will have an impact on the tightness of the button.

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