What is a good button?

- Nov 16, 2017-

  Button material can be divided into plastic (resin, plastic), metal buttons (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shells, wood, coconut shell, bamboo. All kinds of materials to make buttons, the process is not The same appearance of some buttons look the same, even the industry people with the eyes do not necessarily be able to be clearly identified, so vandalism, scraping the coat can be divided.

  Buttons distinguish between plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic (including all kinds of plastic) buttons are generally made of die-casting, so there will be a button on the edge of the line, the mold line, some factories may be Subsequent processing to get rid of this line, but his weight will be lighter than the resin (of course, some special plastics will be heavy). Resin buttons are made of mechanical engraving, and then polished, so the surface is not full mold line, very smooth. But he is fragile, scratches easily on the surface and softens in boiling water.

  How to distinguish between copper buttons and iron buttons ?: Copper and iron buttons, this magnet will try to know, as well as scratch with hard objects on the surface plating, copper buckle surface of the brass (gold). Iron buckle is black, this is the color of raw materials.

  How to determine the alloy button ?: Alloy buckle is heavier, is die-casting made, all mold lines, usually polished and polished, may not see, but he is heavy, solid.