Analysis of Cashmere Knitwear

- Nov 16, 2017-

  Cashmere knitwear thin and soft, delicate touch, smooth waxy, good warmth, is favored by consumers knitted products. Cashmere knitwear in the purchase, wear and maintenance, etc. have special requirements.

First, purchase points

  There are many kinds of cashmere knitwear, there are pure spinning and blending points, combing and carding points, monochrome and jacquard classification, from the fiber content, appearance style, color patterns and many other aspects are different. The best choice for large-scale shopping mall sales of well-known brand name products.

  Product identification is an effective channel for understanding and selecting products and is also a guide to using the product correctly. When selecting the product, be sure to check the product label and understand the basic conditions of the product, except the product name, factory name, address, specifications, type, execution standard number, fiber content and content, certificate, quality level, washing method and so on outer. In particular, to understand the basic types of products safety, to confirm whether the product's wearing conditions meet their own needs, such as: personal wear or wear.

Second, wear points

  Cashmere fiber slender and delicate, vulnerable to damage, it requires special care and love, the wearing environment and conditions also have higher requirements:

When wearing the outer lining with its best in the lining is smooth, not too rough, hard, not to be installed inside the hard object and the pen, the wallet, etc., so as not to local friction pilling.

  Wear out to minimize friction with hard objects (sleeves and desktops, sleeves and armrests, back and couches, etc. for a long time) and hard pull hooks.

  Wear time is not easy too long, pay attention to intermittent, alternating wear, to restore elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage.

Third, wash points

  1, according to the cashmere sweater logo washing method indicated on the washing. Generally, only cashmere sweaters that have been shrink-proofed can be washed by the washing machine, and the general cashmere sweater can be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

  2, hand wash, the special or neutral detergent into the 35 ℃ water and mix well, the cashmere sweater soak 15 to 30 minutes after the key dirt at the collar and cuffs with high concentrations of detergents, to squeeze kneading approach Wash, gently rub the rest of the site; if stained with coffee, juice and blood stains, etc., should be sent to a special washing shop washing.

  3, jacquard or multicolored cashmere sweater should not be soaked, different colors of cashmere sweater should not be washed together in order to avoid staining.

  4, rinse with water about 30 ℃, washed clean, softener can be matched by the amount into the  description will feel better.

  5, hand wash the cashmere sweater after the water squeezed out, or into the net bag inside the washing machine dehydration tube dehydration.

  6, the dehydrated cashmere sweater tiled, hand-finished into the prototype, dry, avoid hanging exposure.

  7, after drying, available in the temperature (about 140 ℃) steam iron ironing, iron and cashmere sweater away from the 0.5 ~ 1cm distance, avoid pressure on the above, such as using other iron must pad wet towel.

Fourth, the collection points

  Cashmere fiber is an animal protein, it is easy to moth-eaten, coupled with thin and easy to deform, so the collection should pay attention to: collection must be cleaned to dry, stacked bagging flat, should not hang up, so as not to hang deformation, not And other types of products in the same bag mixed, store dark, ventilated, dry place, pay attention to mothproof, non-moth agent and cashmere sweater direct contact.