The History of Button

- Jan 07, 2018-

 A collection of 100,000 buttons from a British couple has been on display for a long time. Knitting as part of the dress has concentrated a period of history, culture and art, and some have even been used as secret military weapons.

 Recently, the United Kingdom Museum of Art in Manchester exhibited 100,000 kinds of all kinds of antique buttons. This 10 million buttons, from a collection of British couples. Two people are interested in each other, just a success of a number of interesting collections. His wife Gillian Meredith loves decorative buttons, and her husband Alan Meredith specializes in buttons on uniforms, ranging from school uniforms, police uniforms to sailing suits, attendant suits and more.

 It's not unreasonable for Allen to like these uniform buttons. For example, in the Victorian era, one or two gatekeepers stood on the doorstep of a slightly larger company, and the company's name was printed on the buttons of their uniforms. So small buttons, almost condensed a business history. Similarly, prestigious families, important buildings, grand events, etc. also each left the corresponding button. Even a small crop competition, the organizers have to use special custom buttons.

 In addition, the hunting button also recorded a history of a unique British mood. Most private hounds at the beginning of the 20th century had their own buttons, and Allen had two such buttons dating back to 1900. In addition, he has a collection of buttons engraved with the words "Old Homes Hunt", which has been in existence for more than 200 years and Allen himself has worked there.

 If Allen's buttons were a cross-section of the face of society in every corner of the country, the decorative buttons that his wife, Gillian, possessed, showed a long history of button development.

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