Classification of Hanging Tablets

- Jan 07, 2018-

 Hanging tablets on the market a wide range, according to different needs, hanging tablets also showed a different style. Whether it is from the shape or material, etc., are a wide variety. So, you really understand the classification of hanging tablets it?

 The main categories of hanging tablets are divided into: a molding hanging tablets, two in one hanging tablets, three in one hanging tablets, four in a hanging tablets, core pulling tablets, aluminum tablets hanging tablets, ribbon hanging tablets, Ribbon deduction, rope deduction , Rope bar, etc .; One of the molding, combos, triple, quadruple hanging tablets can be divided into: double fork hanging tablets, single fork hanging tablets, without fork hanging tablets.

 According to the shape is roughly divided into: rectangular, square, round, cylindrical, oval and other regular shapes, but also can be customized into a variety of shapes, but three in one, four in one, aluminum and other custom shape more cost high.

By plastic color can be divided into: monochrome hanging tablets, two-color hanging tablets, three-color hanging tablets.

 According to the logo color can be divided into: bronzing (refers to all kinds of aluminum heat transfer hot) hanging tablets, hot hang hanging tablets, printing hanging tablets, Disu hanging tablets, including printing and Disu color more rich, free to modulate, but the cost Slightly higher, slightly longer production cycle, commonly used bronzing process.

 Plating three-dimensional hanging tablets Note: The majority of the above categories can be cross-linked with a whole hanging tablets, such as: Combo round two-color bronzing hanging tablets; Ribbon buckle, rope buckle, rope buckle and other buckle products for the relatively simple single product, In the rope technology and color combinations are complicated and changeable, after all, some low-cost clothing or women's clothing, shirts, underwear, the ideal choice.

Hanging tablet for clothing hang tag:

hang tag swing tag for clothes