About computer embroidery

- Jan 06, 2018-

 Computer embroidery machine is a manifestation of a variety of high-tech machinery and electronic products. Computerized embroidery machines enable traditional hand-embroidery to be achieved at a high speed and efficiency, and also achieve the requirements of "multi-level, multi-functional, unity and perfection" that can not be achieved by manual embroidery.

Computer embroidery machine brand what?

 Currently the world famous computer embroidery machine brand TAJIMA company TMEF-H620 type, the Japanese BEHRINGER BAREMAN company BEMRH-YS-20 type, the Japanese brother (brother) company BAS-423 type, the German Chancellor (ZSK) Company 174-12 type, the German company PFAFF (KSM221,12 / 260 type, etc.).

 Our factory supply embroidery patches in any shape, size, color, logo/pattern, using high-tech embroidery machines, to be the best quality!

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