Common Sense of Garment Accessories

- Jan 08, 2018-

Trademark quality observation

Silkscreen: The effect of silkscreen printing has a great relationship with the material. The effect of screen printing mainly depends on the following aspects: Printed screen printing can not have glue falling phenomenon, you can use adhesive tape to try can be seen; surface gloss, no pores, not very rough feeling, but also printed a certain thickness, Did not see the material background, and not easy to stick to dust; smooth edge of silk screen, no dog teeth impression; will not fade; of course, printed in a flexible elastic material even more attention should not be split. Can unplug the material to see it clearly can be seen. Chromatic to be accurate, do not shift.

Computer Embroidery: The effect of electric embroidery is good and bad material and the straight stripes fabric has a great relationship. The effect of embroidery mainly depends on the following aspects: density should be enough, can not see the end of the material; thickness should be uniform, not large and small; embroidery edge should be uniform and smooth, not uneven edge; connection to trim clean

Rubber Patch: good rubber patch will not disconnect, will not bleach, no sticky, smooth edges, the surface clearly, even in high temperature areas will not be deformed soft.

Voltage: Voltage generally used material is PVC, soft leather category, the pressure of the gas to be full, no gas, flexible, smooth around and will not burst open. Clear lines.

Brand Patch 2D Text Silicone Rubber Label Custom Embroidered Military Badge Army Patch