The Form of Cothing Accessories

- Sep 28, 2020-

  Clothing accessories mostly appear on the surface of clothing in the form of points, lines and surfaces. The composition of points, lines and surfaces are used in the design of clothing modeling, through the combination of various functions and aesthetic appeals through the form of thinking, different Rhythm, rhythm. Visually, it is the most capable of contraction inwardly, giving people a striking feeling, with centripetal force. 

  It is often used as embellishment on clothing to play a lively and bright styling effect, such as buttons, pins, and corsages on clothing. It appears as a point and plays the role of finishing touch. Take metal buckle as an example. 

  From the designer's point of view, metal buckle has advantages that other materials can't compare to the color of clothing, and it has the necessary decorative, practical, and safety characteristics as a clothing accessory. Fasteners. Metal buckles add new charm to modern clothing. There is an artist from France, Thierry Miguel, who is a designer, photographer and ballerina. His unique style in designing fashion is even more appropriate in clothing. 

  It is divided into strange and charming metal buckles, chains and snaps, etc., so it has a sculptural sense of volume and dramatic charm, so it is called avant-garde fashion in fashion, a character with futuristic color. The button surface of special varieties is made with fresh patterns and concise texts with specific meanings. It is even more ingenious. It is both decoration and expressing certain ideas.

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