Clothing Accessories The Embodiment of Designers’ Inspiration

- Sep 28, 2020-

Clothing accessories are the full embodiment of designers' design inspiration. 

 Clothing design ideas are embodied through clothing materials. Material selection is a very important part of clothing design. As decoration, it is the main body of each piece of clothing’s unique characteristics and style. With it, the original plain clothes can become very modern, highlight the key points of the design, even a small embellishment can make the clothes lively. Today's design craze tends to be "ethnic style". 

 The costume matching of ethnic minorities is relatively cumbersome. It is mainly the concentrated expression of clothing accessories. The unique shape of the clothing becomes more distinctive and outstanding, which is the indispensable foundation for successful artistic design. And highlights. The art of clothing accessories can add a bit of exquisite and elegant artistic charm to the originally plain fabrics, such as adding beads, embroidery, gold and silver threads, lace, ribbons, decorative buttons, etc., not only to increase the decorative effect of the fabric, but also It can also show the romance and elegance of whatever you want.

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