Woven Label and Washing Label

- Jul 25, 2018-

 In a piece of clothing or trousers, there are usually two trademarks at the same time. The brand name of the collar is generally woven, and there is a washing instruction mark at the waist. This label is generally printed, woven and printed. Washing water is one of the essential components in garment accessories, and its use is also very extensive.

1. Woven Label

 Woven Label (also known as the collar woven label weaving label clothing label), woven label is to show the clothing characteristics of the clothing or related brands, generally have a brand of English or LOGO.

2. Printed Label

 Printed trademark, also known as washing label, including the size of the scale or the size and waist mark and the certificate on the clothing tag. The role of the mark is to explain the relevant ingredients for making clothes, and to explain the washing precautions and methods of clothes. Therefore, it is also called indicator mark, note mark, component mark, washing mark, cloth mark and bar code mark.

Usage of marking

 In addition to the bulk of the ready-to-wear, there are also socks, toys, hats, bedding and towels.

It can be seen that the printing mark has a wide range of uses in the production of related finished products, and the printing mark is small, and the effect is not small.

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