How to choose a button?

- Apr 22, 2018-

A. button on the unpatterned plain clothing

 It is generally the same color as the fabric. When the fabric is lighter in color, there are two methods for selecting the button correctly. One is to select exactly the same color as the fabric, and to emphasize the color of the fabric; the other is to choose a slightly thicker fabric color than the fabric. , so that the emphasis on the fabric color and echo effects will be better.

 When the number of buttons on the garment is large, the color of the selection button may be slightly lighter than the color of the clothes.

 Of course, there are also garments that look for decorative effects. The colors of the buttons can be different from the colors of the fabrics, or they can even become complementary colors. In addition, buttons can be used in a variety of colors.

B. the button on the clothing with hair trim or stitching decoration

 In clothing made of unpatterned plain fabrics, hair trims or stitched trims are often designed. At this point, the color of the clothing button is preferably the same as the color of the trim. Because, buttons and edging are also important decorative factors in apparel design, and they should be in a mutual relationship. If you want to highlight the trim and reduce the attention of the button to the line of sight, you can also use the button with the same color as the clothing fabric.

C. scattered flower or button clothing on the button

 When the cloth of the clothes is a general flower pattern or a regular pattern such as stripes or squares, the color of the buttons should be in the suit. You can choose the color that is the most used in your suit as the color of the button. This color will be the safest and will not cause any problems. In addition, the summer clothing is designed with bright points, so the selection of white buttons is also a lot of see.

D. multi-color stitching but the same amount of clothing on the buttons

 In multicolor spliced garments, if the components of the various colors are equal, the selection of the buttons brings certain difficulties. The most basic selection method is to select one of the stitching colors as the color of the button, and which one to choose is completely determined according to his own preference. Generally choosing a bright color can make the clothing more light, and choosing heavy colors and dark colors will give the clothing a sense of stability and a sense of sinking. Summer shirts and dresses are often multicolored, but white buttons are also available.

E. a variety of contrasting color splicing clothing buttons

 In the multi-color combination design with large color difference, the area of strong color is sometimes small, but it is very eye-catching. At this point, you can feel the buttons of the multi-colored buttons on the clothes, and determine the color of the buttons according to the final effect. This is the most basic method, but it is also the most feasible method.

 However, in actual operation, often the decisive factors are numerous and complex, so all of them can be tested by the direct test method. The key point of the button selection is to consider whether the color of the button is matched with the color of the clothes, whether the materials are coincident, and whether the shape is the same.