Zipper strength test

- Apr 22, 2018-

 There are many ways to measure the strength of zippers, but the basic strength requirements can be tested by the following methods. From the results of these tests, the quality of zippers for different purposes can be judged.

(A) flat pull strong test

Flat pull strength is the most basic strength indicator. It is used to test the ability of the zipper teeth to resist lateral forces in the interlocked state, which is very similar to the actual state of use.

(B) to stop the strong test

The interlocking of the zipper interlocks and pulls the puller to the upper end and pulls the puller. At this time, it can measure the strong force of the zipper stop. This simulates the zipper holding the slider, pulling the puller over the top stop or The ability to resist the external force when the upper stop moves from the ribs.

(C) stop the strong test

The pull head is pulled to the lower end and the pull teeth are divided into left and right parts. Pulling the left and right side teeth can measure the force required to stop the breakage and measure the resistance of the internal components of the pull head.

(D) Open end pull strength test

The open end of the cannula and the socket were tested to resist external force damage. The clamps were fixed to the left and right sides of the tail, and the pull was started under the closed condition.

(E) Pulling the head and locking strong test

The slider is self-locking in the middle of the tooth, the zipper teeth are divided into two parts, the left and right zipper, can test the locking strength and internal resistance of the slider.

(F) pull pull together with a powerful test

The pull force is applied perpendicularly to the direction of the pull-tab, and until the pull-tab is separated from the pull-piece, the recorded value is the combined strength of the pull-tab.

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