What We Need To Pay Attention When Buying Metal Zipper?

- Nov 17, 2017-

  Metal zipper durable, soft, elegant solemn. For high-end jackets, leather garments, ski shirts, down jackets, jeans, casual wear, winter clothes and so on.

  Manufacturers need to pay attention when buying metal zipper?

  1, must ensure that its strong and perfect, up and down must close the microphone teeth or clamp on the microphone teeth.

  2, the waste can be small and meticulous, metal zipper slider more shape, can also be bold and majestic. But no matter what the first pull, have to feel the pull of the first pull is free, will not happen zipper pull or not close together phenomenon. Zippers sold on the market are now equipped with self-locking device, so pull the zipper, you have to test the lock after the zipper will slide down.

  3, there is no color flower phenomenon, the metal zipper is also electroplating colored teeth, so in the purchase must pay attention to the surface coating color is uniform, up and down when the zipper is smooth. After the zipper is pulled in, it is necessary to observe whether the teeth are interlocked with each other and the unsymmetrical zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.

  4, the weight, coloring are different, because the metal zipper tape raw materials are polyester yarn, suture, in the core of different types of wire composition. So in the same zipper prone to color, then select the tape to choose when dyeing evenly, no cloudy point of different fabrics made of cloth are soft to the touch.

  5, metal zipper used in what kind of products, luggage, clothing, shoes, tents, jeans to be washed or acidic leather products and other special requirements.