Small Tag Plays An Important Role On Garment

- Nov 17, 2017-

  In the increasingly fierce competition in the brand market, in the face of all kinds of styles of tag, and the tag on the transmission of fabrics, quality and brand image of the information, covering more and more commitment to content, consumer awareness of clothing and understanding of enterprises Information and corporate marketing their own products play an indispensable role.

  Tag generally include the front pattern, the reverse certification, the use of conditions, fabrics, specifications washing instructions, brand names and so on.

  Clothing tag, clothing accessories in the clothing brand products, but also an integral part of the brand clothing, the increasingly fierce competition in the brand so that it has not been valued before, and gradually began to become important, because the clothing tag endorse the meaning of the brand is characterized by Brand identification (clothing trademark) an effective carrier. Lycra, tencel, modal and other famous new fiber in order to ensure product quality and brand image on the clothing tag "set foot"; there are signs of clothing in the face shaking and production to achieve a certain standard of the mark, such as the whole wool logo and environmental labels Wait. With people on the clothing wearing comfort, safety and functionality requirements increase, the tag will cover more and more content. Of course, it also undertakes the instructions, the guiding function, such as the content of ingredients, washing instructions.

  Hangtag (some people also called cards, English translation tag or tagcard) production, according to the media is divided into paper, plastic, metal; according to the shape of the structure has a rectangular, folding, round, triangular, bag and Other special shapes; According to the function points are ordinary type, bar code security and holographic security type, and so on.

  Although small clothing tag, but it is consumer awareness, identification and acceptance of clothing as a link, is an indispensable modern fashion accessories. It is to improve and protect the reputation of the apparel business, have a positive effect on product sales. In the details reflect all today, if you ignore this small clothing tag, the loss may not just the immediate.