What Is The Difference Between PVC And PU Leather?

- Dec 17, 2017-

 From a chemical point of view, PVC, PU are PVC in a plastic, but the two products are different manufacturing processes;

 Performance comparison: The physical properties of PU leather better than PVC leather, anti-twists and turns, good softness, tensile strength, with breathability, PVC such performance is poor;

 The pattern of PVC leather is made by hot embossing of steel pattern roller. The pattern of PU leather is hot-pressed on the surface of semi-finished leather with a kind of pattern paper. After cooling, the paper leather is separated and the surface is made deal with;

 PU leather prices PVC leather more than doubled;

 PU feel soft; PVC feel harder some;

 After the fire roasted, the taste of PU than PVC taste much lighter.

 In addition, even the same leather material, but after different work, the price is still different.