Alloy Buttons

- Dec 18, 2017-

 Alloy buttons include graphic design, functional design, plastic arts, color and create technology and many other content. Each alloy button is a creator of "little art", it also has its fashion trends, but also its professionalism. In the rapid development of today, the synchronization of buttons and clothing is a good combine. 

Alloy button use

 As a soft sculpture clothing is a combination of point, line, surface, and alloy buttons is a form of point. Point of the movement of the line, point for the extension of the line or the role of the connection. According to this feature, in a simple dress on the line with the same size but tight buttons, even if not in the color and material to make a difference, people's eyes still can not help but stay in it for a moment.

Alloy button evolution

 For now, alloy buttons have a significant proportion of other forms, both in their history, number of uses, styling, color, and material diversity. Especially in some professional equipment. Men, the traditional suit mostly two buckle, and now the emergence of three buckle or buckle suit, that people do not "sit tight", but to seek a spiritual relaxation, even in deep-rooted traditional costumes On the pursuit of a leisure, a kind of relaxation. In fact, people's spiritual life to improve. For the cuffs on the cuffs, early people have used precious stones decoration, now more high-end suits generally more than buckle, still more elegant, this is a default. Alloy buttons have risen here as a sign of taste. Alloy buttons are dazzling clothing. Is also the focus of clothing.

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