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- Dec 19, 2017-

 Clothing logo called durability logo. It is mainly to guide consumers from the ingredients and content of raw materials, washing methods for both reference. In the process of wearing them for proper maintenance. From the durability of the logo, marked the content of ingredients, we can identify the texture of clothing, so that consumers understand the characteristics of clothing. In addition, we can see these labels appear on the label looks more professional pattern, in fact, it is mainly to tell us the washing method of clothing, with strong authority.

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 Garment clothing according to the provisions of the general will hang a variety of logo. These logos are instructive to the consumer, such as a trademark on the collar or cuffs. It allows consumers to confirm the brand. In the collar nest, side seams will be marked with specifications, size, convenient for consumers to choose the right size clothing. Hanging tags in the most obvious places. It brings together all the information about clothing. For the clothing brand, composition, specifications, and whether the test made a comprehensive introduction. But these are not the most important. Hidden in the clothes caught in this small logo, it is important to introduce today, it plays a key role in consumer care clothes.

These various patterns are easy to see at a loss. However, a closer look together, in fact, the most common life washing logo there are so five categories, washing logo is based on the groove pattern to evolve, there is such a logo that clothes can be washed with a washing machine, Can also be hand wash. There are numbers in the trough, is the highest water temperature standards. If a hand appears in the groove, it means that the garment can only be gently rubbed by hand. So if there is a fork in the trough, it means the clothes are not washable. Like cotton, linen easy to shrink, chemical fiber, blended fabric easy to dry. Clothes with metal accessories are easy to wash. But they are all washable.

 Understand dry cleaning logo, just remember the circle on it. As the letter changes inside, nothing more than dry cleaning materials requirements. For dry cleaners only, draw a fork on the circle. Do not dry-clean. Hair, silk, clothing is easy to lose luster, and hollowed with flowers of silk, water will be seriously shrinking deformation, so they are with a dry cleaning logo. The question of whether or not bleach can be bleached depends on the design of the triangle or triangle flask, which means that it can be treated with bleach. If the band fork naturally can not bleach. Bleach strong lethal, easy to break down fibers. It is only suitable for monochrome cotton clothing. Except as a last resort, it is best not to use bleach.

 Clothes drying is also a maintenance method. Drying logo is a dress pattern that can hang up to the sun. On clothes, if a little more twill, said dehydration in a cool place to dry. There is a "flat" word is to be flat and dry, more than one fork is not hanging to dry. Like cotton, knitted fabric material soft and loose, complex structure, should be flat, and chemical fiber material quickly, you can hang.

 The last step to tidying your clothes is ironing. Clothing materials will show different effects at different temperatures. If there are ripples under the ironing logo, it means that there is a need for a cloth pad when ironing, and if there is more vertical bar below, it means ironing with a steam iron. Second, the temperature tip of the iron is indicated by the dot on the top. A point indicates that the temperature of the iron can not exceed 110 degrees. Two points indicate that the maximum iron temperature can not exceed 150 degrees. As for the three points that the maximum temperature is 200 degrees. Before you iron, we must see in the end is a few points. Of course, natural fiber temperature resistance, choose a good temperature can be ironed, and fiber is not resistant to temperature, easy to start aurora, even when ironing should be low temperature or cloth. Clothing washing sign.

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