Washing Logos

- Jun 04, 2018-

 Each piece of clothing will have a label of a washing mark inside it. There are many patterns on it. What is the meaning of various patterns?

Washing Logos:

 Basic washing symbols, it can have some changes, such as inserting a hand that can be hand-washed, marked 30 °C and other temperatures that the water temperature must be controlled below this temperature.

 Chlorine bleach basic symbols, the figure shows that can be chlorine bleach, and most of the above hit ×, that can not chlorine bleaching.

 Drying basic symbols, there are several changes, there is a "丨" line that can be hung to dry, if it is "-" line, said it should be tiled to dry, such as sweaters, if painted "O", that can be machine Invert dry.

 Ironing basic symbols, if you hit "×", can not iron.

 Professional maintenance of basic symbols, if there is a circle in the P, that dry cleaning, dry cleaning agent type is tetrachloroethylene, if there is a letter W in the circle, that should choose professional wet washing, if the inside of the "X", that can not dry clean, If there is nothing, it means that dry cleaning can be done and the type of dry cleaning agent is not limited.