The Type And Characteristics Of Buttons

- Mar 02, 2018-

A wide range of buttons. According to the button's material can be divided into four categories.

1, synthetic material buttons

Synthetic buttons is the largest variety, dosage, most popular category, characterized by bright color, rich shape, variety, cheap. However, in the high temperature, chemical resistance sentenced performance as good as the natural material buttons.

Common synthetic buttons are:

(1) Resin button: It is a kind of better quality button in synthetic button, with better heat resistance, fancy and colorful, vivid color, strong simulation, low price and most usage.

(2) Plastic buckle: Multi-purpose polystyrene injection molded to make a variety of shapes and colors, but more brittle and not resistant to high temperatures. Impatience organic solvents. Because of its cheap and diverse colors, it is mostly used for low-grade women's and children's wear.

(3) Electric jade buckle: also known as urea-formaldehyde resin buckle, bakelite buckle, long with a long history. Good heat resistance, hardness, resistance to organic solubility, but monotonous.

(4) Nylon buckle: injection molded from polytetrafluoroethylene, good toughness of button, high strength, bright surface, good resistance to organic solvents, heat resistance, moderate price.

(5) Imitation leather button: It is made of acrylate-butadiene-styrene-styrene copolymer plastic (ABS plastic) into a buckle blanket and a leather imitation leather paint. Cheap, but washability, heat resistance, wear resistance is poor.

(6) plexiglass buckle; made of polymethylmethacrylate methyl ester added pearlescent pigments or plates made by cutting. Its gorgeous color, pearl luster. Very decorative. But heat resistance, chemical resistance Jing Jing, poor wear resistance.

2, Niu deduction of natural materials

Natural materials, buttons have a long history of use, taken from nature.Later to humans.Not enough to meet the psychological requirements of the modern return to nature.Many of its features in between have any synthetic materials. Natural material buttons with excellent heat resistance, organic solvent resistance, natural color and feel.

Natural materials, many types of buttons, the common shell buckle, wooden buckle, cloth buckle, ceramic buckle, gemstone buckle and so on.

Genuine buckle made of shell, shiny crystal. Feel smooth. Heat resistance, hard texture, elegant texture, chemical resistance, washing, but the price is higher. For high-end shirt T-shirt, silk cloth clothing.

Wood buckle made of wood, bamboo, coconut shell and other materials from cutting. Simple and generous wood buckle buckle, natural color, natural texture, feel comfortable, good heat washability. Wood buckle suitable for all kinds of garments, fashion, casual wear.

Cloth buckle common disc with a flower buckle. For our traditional buttons, made of cloth ropes. Form a variety. Such as the pipa New Zealand, peach New Zealand, Rose New Zealand, handmade, less products. It is the best Chinese cotton jacket, Chinese clothing, cheongsam and so on.

Gemstone buckle usually refers to man-made crystal, artificial gems

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