How To Locate The Image And Style Of Clothing?

- Mar 02, 2018-

Store decoration should pay attention to the description of the interior features of the display space, clothing display props, the outside depicts to reflect the characteristics and work in line with your job, such as the appearance of the court more harsh, while the barber shop is more fashionable. And store decoration depicting discount cup directly affects the customer's image of your company, as guests to your home guests, he will also query your home decoration depicting, directly reflects a corporate image .Description on the store decoration, decoration facade Crucially, the fa├žade of the storefront, I think, should be either more or less harmonious with the methods and features built around it.

In addition, can take full advantage of the edge of the storefront space, such as the balcony, awning and other street space.These are the expansion of the indoor and outdoor, but also the inward extension of the outdoor street.

There are billboards must be large. Indoor and outdoor features should be together, the best simple, and other chief operating women, so to describe the characteristics of some warm, but also to hang on many trinkets to dress up.

Second, the clothing store in a sense, not only for the sale of goods, but also includes shoppers

The image of clothing, clothing models display props and features positioning from the store customer base set sail, the difference is not the same characteristics of the application of different methods of publicity. Casual clothing stores give people a casual, relaxed feeling, able to put a strong sense of rhythm of the background music, with contrasting dramatic colors and gorgeous lights, folding, positive show, the surrounding area to show each other to cross, the shelf display Feel free to feel the whole thing.

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