The Appearance Of The Zipper

- Apr 22, 2018-

Through the appearance of the zipper to identify its quality

1. The flatness and flatness of the zipper: The zipper is naturally sagging without undulations.

2. The zipper teeth: The teeth of the injection zipper are bright, there is no depression in the middle of the front, no missing teeth, the metal teeth are arranged neatly, no skew, no broken teeth, and the teeth have good teething.

3. The color of injection zipper: uniform color, bright and bright, no color.

4. Zipper with glue: zipper with a symmetrical position, no skew, glue applied repeatedly 10 times to turn 180 degrees and continue.

5.Pull head: The plating of the electroplating puller is bright, can't bear the skin, there is no scratch on the object, the thickness of the coating is not less than 3um, the paint is painted, the surface of the sprayed slider is bright in color, the coating is even and firm, there is no air bubble, no dead corner and other defects .

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