How To Buy Buttons On Lightweight Fabrics?

- Apr 23, 2018-

 How do you buy the right button for a lightweight fabric? This type of clothing is mainly used in summer fashion, light and thin texture, bright colors, with a combination of buckles are often ABS gold-plated parts as the main body, plus nylon inserts or epoxy glue modification, so that the entire button color bright , color stability, light texture. At the same time, since the button handle is made of high-strength nylon, the entire button will not break. Simple decorative fasteners

 Simple decorative fasteners generally refer to fasteners that are mainly decorated on clothing. Such as metal cards, claw-style decorative buckles, brooches, pins and so on. Metallic cards are used in conjunction with fasteners and tapes. Their size and shape are ever-changing, and they can be used for decoration and high-grade trademarks. Its forms of work include stamping and die casting. The materials include iron, copper and alloys.

Sewing Round Metal Shank Button