How Was Zipper Born?

- Dec 21, 2017-

 Zipper, one of the most important, practical and greatest inventions of the 20th century, how was it born?

 In 1912, the American-Swedish Jidian-Sundebuke revolutionized the "sliding locking device" invented by his predecessors and devised a new structure consisting of three parts: a tooth, a pull button and a cloth belt. The teeth with unevenness made of wear-resistant metal are arranged and fixed at equal intervals on two tapes, and the pull button enables the teeth on the cloth strip to engage or disengage each other. This design enables a seamless combination of two objects, at the time providing a more advanced connection than strap-on (shoelaces) and push-through (buttons).

 Zipper seamless bite design provides people with a new design concept, "zipper" is widely used in various fields: road transport, aerospace technology, medical and so on.

 The zipper design inspiration is still a steady stream of emerging, and now even can be used to reorganize the structure of the chair zipper, which contains a wide range of design possibilities derived.

Designer Kate Cusack from New York designed a series of accessories with a zipper, which completely abandoned the inherent concept of jewelry materials, zipper open and closed has become the inspiration for her jewelry design. These large and small, color-rich zipper Kate Cossack hand turned into a stylish necklace, bracelets, brooches.