Insignia, Badge Or Patch For Clothing Decoration

- Dec 21, 2017-

How to identify the quality of badges

    First of all, look at the overall composition of the epaulet, the surface composition of the material is better quality, and then look at its foot, the better the quality of the foot line, once again look at his pattern complexity, the more complex the more delicate The better the quality

    Recently more and more popular in clothing decorated with epaulettes, can bring out a handsome feeling, and now the epaulets not only for military, police and other occupations, it can be applied to everything that can be used to the place. Such as the British Knight's clothing can often see the shadow of these insignias, many businesses follow the knight uniform to produce a variety of fashionable epaulettes costumes, and now this type of clothes is not just a man's pet, many women also like very much Of the clothes, wear these kinds of clothing can show the taste of a new era of women.

    Decorative badges to do more and more feminine, a lot of girls small suits, small jackets can see its shadow, men's badges and ladies badges or there is a difference, the general girls dress epaulets are more fancy, cute, Complicated, exaggerated, and men's clothes on the epaulet is relatively simple, sometimes a piece of cloth can be made of epaulettes, decorated in clothes can be quite handsome.

Decorative badges

 Epaulettes are often used to indicate the rank, position and other places, in its handsome form was accepted, so people have conceived a new generation of epaulette 'decorative epaulet', is widely used in clothing.

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