Buttons Are The Eyes Of Garment

- Dec 20, 2017-

 Clothing accessories has many elements, different components to the clothing has brought different results. Buttons for the importance of clothing, I believe we all know.

 Button points "button" and "see button" two. Button button buckle clothes, watch button is used to decorate the clothes embellishment.

 Buttons appear around the 12th century. At that time, the man nailed it on his clothes as a decoration, just as a woman hung a string of shells over his neck. Because of its unique beauty, women also follow suit. Modern people fasten the buttons on the cuffs, shoulders and other parts, all inheriting the medieval aesthetic practices. Later, the ancients found in life, the button can not only do the decoration, but also with the hole in the clothes buckle together, so that the open skirts better together, play a role in thermal blockade.

 According to the records, the initial button production is very simple, just with shells, screws, wood as a button, with the development of handicraft industry, use cloth strips labeled grape knot buttons. Then came the bakelite button, electric jade button, metal button, plexiglass button, plastic button, plated button, rhinestone button and so on, its modeling mix, color and colorful. Legend has it that Europe was buttoned after the 16th century and was brought back from China by the Crusaders participating in the "Eastern Expedition." At that time the main use of buttons is a man, especially the aristocracy, in order to show their own generous, the use of buttons contend for victory. Louis XIV, the famous king in the history of France, has a robe set with 13,000 buttons, each with a different button pattern. For this king robe, he invited many experts to design buttons for him. King Joseph I of Portugal, a king robe set with 20 diamond buttons, the "Diamond King" said. After the 18th century, the button was gradually extended to women's clothing.

 With the development of science and technology, more and more varieties of buttons, more and more modern. France produced a musical button, the button on the preparation of the melody of the popular combination of songs. Made in Sweden, a seamless button with a small plastic tab on the back of the button is "welded" to the fabric of the garment with the aid of ultrasound. A firm in the United States produces a fabric with a magnetic core, A magnetic button can be close to clothes. There is also a self-locking inductance, "key" is the button. Just touch the button to the lock, the lock is automatically turned on. This "button" can send a certain frequency of radio waves, a frequency can only open a lock ...

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