How To Repair Broken Zipper Head

- Nov 30, 2017-

 Zipper head and our lives are closely related, all kinds of clothing are equipped with a variety of appearance of the zipper head. Especially for some more high-end clothes, the unique zipper head can really add a rich color and personality to the overall appearance of the clothes. If inadvertently zipper broken, it is a very troublesome thing, because for different clothes, the zipper head has a different mix, even for a new may not be able to find. At this point the only effective solution is to do it yourself, and perhaps come up with features. Here's a look at the common problem of zipper solution. First look at the basic composition of the zipper head, which is composed of several important parts of the pull tab, pull tab lock, zipper body and zipper lock. The function of the pull-tab is to pull the zipper head. The function of the pull-tab lock is to combine the pull-tab and the zipper body. The important function of the zip-lock lock is to prevent the zipper head from zipper due to other external forces in case of non-human dragging Sliding head

 The function of the zipper body is to interlock the two zippers.

Pull the damage repair method

 When the handle is accidentally damaged, the best solution is to look for an idle old zipper, remove its pull tab, and attach it to the new zipper. In fact, this time is the most crucial part of the disassembly method, the use of a screwdriver or other sharp tools to pull the lock of the old zipper lock pry, and then you can remove the pull-tab lock, pull the installation is also true, when After the pull piece is installed, the pull piece lock can be buckled back to the zipper body in place. Of course, in case of emergency, a thin wire can be directly passed through the small hole between the pull-tab lock and the zipper body, and the two ends of the wire are wound together.

Pull lock damage solution

 When the pull tab lock inadvertently lost or damaged, zipper lock without zipper, you can directly pull the handle, and then used directly. For zipper with zipper lock, you need to remove the zipper lock before you can use again. For zipper head can not be two zipper lock solution using pliers will pull the body surface of the upper and lower micro-extrusion, so that the gap becomes smaller, which will be more days chain. If the effect of this method is not obvious, the zipper will be compressed in front of the body, the effect will be better. For the zipper body appears broken, loose and other failures, it is recommended to replace the new zipper. Or to a special zipper repair for repair.