EU Will Reform VAT

- Nov 29, 2017-

 Tax war between Silicon Valley leading technology and the EU once again occupy the spotlight focus. EU competition executive Margrethe Vestager will require Amazon to pay millions of euros in taxes to Luxembourg and sue the European Court of Justice that the Irish government has failed to recover more than 10 billion euros in taxes from Apple.

 Not only that, the EU tax executive Pierre Moscovici will also introduce a drastically revised European VAT system. However, the new measures by Member States this opinion still divided, Vestager and Moscovici will be submitted to the VAT reform case before noon today in Brussels, announced the decision by the Executive Committee, currently no proposal are likely to be rejected or postponed. This should be a new bill Hu led by France of a number of Member States, Hu called on the EU on how to deal with the technology industry leader to pay tax demands performed a thorough reform of European regional and then needed to be fully agreed by Member States before being adopted.

 A few days ago Ireland and Luxembourg threatened to vote against EU proposals to boost large-scale technology companies, many of whom set their European headquarters in low-tax areas in Ireland, to pay more taxes in Europe. Obviously this act will exacerbate the pressure between the EU and Washington and the division between the EU's own member states.

(2016) When the U.S. government prosecuted Vestager that Apple had to pay 13 billion euros to the Irish government, the United States Government strongly criticized the European Commission for believing that the EU wants a piece of the tax revenue of the U.S. government.

 Currently in Ireland in 2012 and is still in Apple's case the European Court of Appeal, the same type of tax litigation cases there are Starbucks and the Netherlands, Luxembourg and FIAT, Belgium and amounted to approximately 35 multinational tax treaty. In the case of Amazon and Luxembourg, according to a tax agreement between the two parties in 2003, Amazon placed its European headquarters in Luxembourg and transferred most of its profits in Europe through the transfer of skills between its subsidiaries Deducted from the company's sales tax, a move that violates the EU state aid rules. Amazon and Luxembourg have always denied any wrongdoing and are most likely to appeal.

 In response to the VAT reform in Europe, Moscovici will propose measures to change how the country charges VAT to simplify the tax system and curb cross-border fraud and tax evasion by up to several billion euros.