How To Test The Performance Of Sewing Machines

- Dec 01, 2017-

 Sewing machine is an indispensable garment machinery and equipment business, mechanical and electrical integration of some of the user-friendly design of sewing machines is one of its characteristics, the choice of sewing machine, sewing machine to understand the performance test common sense.

 With the domestic sewing machine manufacturers have introduced their own mechatronic sewing machine models, nowadays, the domestic market to choose more and more mechanical and electrical integrated sewing machine brand, which in previous years a well-known brands dominate the domestic mechanical and electrical integration of sewing machines The market situation formed a larger contrast. 

 As a result, garment enterprises in the purchase of such products at the same time, should also spend more time thinking.

 Both price and performance are top priorities. Because mechatronic sewing machines are much more expensive than traditional mechanical sewing machines, when some low-priced domestic mechatronic products appear, users should not be fooled by the current price gap because of the current reality Say, there is a good and bad performance of these products in the domestic performance, compared with well-known foreign brands, some domestic machine quality and performance is still lacking. Users in the purchase of such machines, should be considered.

 First, the stability of sewing. Due to the electronic or computerized control system, the stability of the sewing is better after the mechatronic sewing machine reaches the highest speed, especially the sewability, including whether the stitches are good, whether the stitches are soft, whether the stitches are stable, whether the stitches are stitched, Broken lines, whether wrinkling, etc. have excellent performance. So, if the machine is found to have adverse reactions in this regard, do not buy.

 Second, clean and environmentally friendly performance. Usually in the development of mechatronic sewing machine, designers have emphasized the machine clean, non-staining sewing, sewing machine through the design of the needle bar, thread take-up lever and the shuttle around the oil without cleaning Sewing. Therefore, the user in the choice of machines, we must repeatedly test machine, make sure it will not work in the oil to the fabric and sewing materials.

 Third, stand-alone performance increases. A mechatronic sewing machine can complete a number of mechanical sewing machines to complete the work. For example, industrial zigzag sewing machines, usually a mechanical zigzag sewing machine can only complete a pattern of sewing, but a computer zigzag sewing machine but can complete 20 or more patterns of sewing. In addition, computer-controlled sewing machines increase the adjustment range of the feed dog so that it can sew more different types of fabric. And adjust the most suitable differential amount according to various fabrics, the difference ratio will not change even when the length of gauge is changed during the feed before and after, so it is not necessary to adjust.

 Fourth, low noise, low vibration design. An electromechanical sewing machine with a computerized anatomy is used to optimize the design from the housing structure to the small parts of each part so that it minimizes noise and vibration during routine work. In addition, this type of machine provides the best balance of head design, with the transmission of the upper and lower axles being synchronized with the toothed belt, resulting in a significant reduction in noise and low vibration and noise. Therefore, the user at the time of purchase, no matter what brand of machine, no matter how much the price difference, mechatronic sewing machine low vibration and low noise processing, is one of its characteristics, in such an effect is not good, you should give up the purchase .

 In addition, mechatronic sewing machine some of the human design is one of its characteristics, the time of purchase to do the appropriate comparison. Such as the machine in the discharge part of the wider than the traditional sewing machine, so that the fabric to be sewn more easy to take and swing; bottom bobbin winding device installed in the arm above the volume adjustment and easy bobbin disassembly; only Need to press the button or press the pedaling pedal to work, or even fully automatic work; Easy to use easy-to-use operation panel, the operator easy to remember, the operation will not be confused.