Check The Buttons And Related Accessories Before Cleaning

- Jun 06, 2018-

 Since the laundry needs to be put in the proper amount of dry-cleaning liquid during dry cleaning, the common plastic buttons are easily dissolved. If it is accidentally washed out of similar buttons or accessories, the overall appearance of the entire garment is damaged. Therefore, when we wash clothes, we should first determine whether the clothes can be mixed with detergent.

 We often wear a variety of buttons or accessories on the clothes or shoes that we usually wear. It looks beautiful, but it is more troublesome to clean it. If some metal buttons or gold-plated fasteners, alkaline detergent may damage the jewelry surface. If we do not have a big grasp when washing clothes, we can remove the ornaments such as buttons and store them separately. After washing and drying, we need to fasten the buttons. Of course, if you decide to do so, you must first ensure that you can accurately restore the buttons. If rinsing solvents are to be used in the cleaning process, the metal fasteners must also be treated separately. Do not mix and soak them in the solvent. This may cause the fasteners to fade and affect the overall appearance. For metal buttons or related fasteners, we should also avoid contact with water as much as possible. Oxidation of water and metal surfaces can cause oxidation, which makes the metal surface rust, and this rust is difficult to wash.

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