What Is The Role Of Clothing Labels?

- Jun 06, 2018-

What is the role of clothing labels? Through the clothing label, we can get the following information from:

 Manufacturer's name and address

1. The factory site should be registered in the industry and commerce department;

2. The manufacturing unit should have an independent legal personality and be able to take legal responsibility;

3, imported products can only mark the origin.

  product name

1, according to the standard selection. Such as: male (female) suits, male (female) coats, male (female) trousers, male (female) shirts and so on.

2. Use names or common names that do not cause misunderstandings. Such as: casual pants and so on.

3. When using "exotic name" or "trade name", normal names should be marked on the same site. Such as: waterfowl were (polyester cotton).

  Type and specifications

According to GBT1335-1997 annotation:

Number: refers to the height of the human body, expressed in centimeters, which is the basis for designing and choosing the length of clothing.

Type: Refers to the lower body waist of the upper body of a human body. It is measured in centimeters, which is the basis for designing and purchasing clothing.

Body type: Based on the difference between the body's chest circumference and waist circumference, the body type is divided and the body type is divided into four categories. The code names are Y (lean), A (normal), B (overweight), and C (obesity). Children's clothing without body code).

Numbering method: Numbers and types are separated by slashes, followed by body type codes. The upper and lower mounts are marked with the type number. Considering some consumer spending habits, it is still allowed to label new and old models at the same time, but the new model should come first. For example: 170/88A(M)