Why does zipper can't be pull on?

- Dec 27, 2017-

 The last process we checked out the zipper has problems, such as the card does not pull on the card and other issues, the need to rework, then a very troublesome thing.

 Metal zipper pull on the reasons for these two situations: one is the metal zipper car too much affect the zipper in the smooth

 One is that the pouch itself causes the zipper not to be straight

 Such as the frog pocket process or try to use some good quality zipper such as double zipper or good quality so as not to affect the quality

 Metal zipper rework is very troublesome. A kind of pen, called the lubrication pen, specifically to the zipper on the oil, metal cabinet sold. Hope this pen can help you.

 The reasons for the metal zipper pull may also be a car when the side of the car loose, tight side, leading to metal zipper pull up is not smooth, if this is the case to check whether there are some factors turner.

metal zipper puller head button plate lapel pin