Why Swarovski is called the best rhinestone?

- Dec 26, 2017-

 Rhinestone is more common in clothing accessories an excipient, many women need rhinestone embellishment, today we come to know Swarovski rhinestone, to see why it is called the best rhinestone! 

 Swarovski rhinestone, also known as Austrian rhinestone, produced in Austria, is currently the best rhinestone on the market. Followed by the Czech rhinestone, but the Czech rhinestone is not commonly used. More common is the market's Arctium AA rhinestone.

 Swarovski rhinestone features: In contrast, Swarovski rhinestone bright, uniform, flashing light, indeed very beautiful. Dressed in Austrian rhinestone hot map, adding luxurious temperament, Ambilight. Many big stars are also dressed in a fashion with Austrian rhinestone hot map.

 However, with the perfect rhinestone plans Austrian rhinestone figure is not much, Austrian odd odd figure plant is one of the best. ArcScheck itself is the country's largest AA-level rhinestone manufacturers.

 In the production of scalding, Arcadie has 180 skilled workers for more than three years and possesses large-scale professional mapping equipment, cutting equipment, finishing equipment, testing tools and packaging equipment. Can make extremely complex hot map products.

 Austrian Arcs produced by Austrian rhinestone hot map, using imported high-grade hot paper, long-distance transport will not shift. Hot paper can still be reused after use. Hot map version produced well, the location of precision. The error is within 0.1mm.

 Aoshiqi company has a number of senior hot map designers, can be the perfect design rhinestone hot map, wafer hot map, laser hot map and so on.

 Involved in the hot chart award-winning, very influential in the international market, many famous hot map design company. Many Italian and French fashion brands use the Austrian-style DAOQ design and production of Swarovski products. This stems from the company's industry-leading level of production and meticulous professionalism.