The Design of Hang Tag

- Dec 28, 2017-

 To design a good first-class tag, printing is very important, must pay attention to exquisite, if it is generalized, the external promotion of clothes is also greatly reduced. Second, the connotation is also very particular about, although each piece of clothing each company has its own unique spirit of the main, cultural connotation oriented very broad. However, there are several essential elements for the printing of each tag, such as name, address, telephone number, zip code, logo and so on. In addition, some enterprises will also attach the nature of the company printed on the tag (such as Sino-foreign joint ventures, sole proprietorship, etc.); even some apparel companies directly put the small tag into a miniature "advertisement" and adopt some such as The supermodel beauties, or celebrities wearing a photo of their own products printed in the above, giving a more intuitive experience, giving the visual impact, so that consumers have more of their products have a deep impression, so that This little tag has played a promotional role in promoting; still others, by tagging the words on the tag, wishing words, to narrow the distance with the consumer, giving a warmth; and some, then its tag Is a "product manual, which is not only printed on the product is what kind of fabric, its performance, or even to wash the clothing water temperature, washing methods and types of cleaning agents, and how to care are printed Tag, the so-called sparrows are small, but all-enigma.It can be seen that such businesses have paid more attention to consumer services, consumers are responsible for how much.In addition, with Social attention to intellectual products, and its first protection of intellectual property rights introduced, some businesses in order to protect their own intellectual property rights from infringing upon others, it is spared no expense to use a variety of holographic anti-counterfeit labels and bar codes, and even to protect the property rights The purpose of the same time in another sense to help consumers identify the authenticity of the product provides a great convenience and further safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.

 Although only a small piece of tag things, but all the time reflect the business itself and its advocacy to maintain consumer dedication. As a link to connect consumers. It is not born out of thin air, and now the clothing is no longer just the ancient era just for bunkers, but fashion has come its own unique era of civilization, small tag, but also in the people's intentional behavior, become A tool to promote culture, at the same time it has an unpredictable effect on the promotion and protection of the reputation of the apparel industry and the marketing of products. It is like a human face, representing a culture of a business. It metaphor for fashion brand, it is real. However, it is somewhat disappointing and regrettable that there is still a large part of the garment industry that has not yet attached importance to this point and has not yet realized its importance.

Recycled Speciality Paper Hang Tag For Clothing