When Buttons Apply To Different Clothing

- Jan 15, 2018-

 With the development of the industry, the use of buttons on clothing has become more than just an item that connects to the garment's skirt. Some people say that a button is an accessory on a garment that adds beauty to the garment. Designers will choose different buttons according to different clothing, whether it is the button's own style or button on the clothing typesetting is a must know button knowledge.

Four Holes Dome Metal Sew On Button

 Buttons on the clothing First of all, to say that the suit, in the custom-made suit when the typesetting buttons will have two options, one is a single row of buttons, one is double-row buttons. If made uniform is a single breasted, it can be divided into a button, two buttons and three buttons.

 If it is a button, then the Department looks more dignified, if not the Department will be more chic; if it is two buttons, the Department of the first looks will be very Western style, tied to the second on the people I feel very arrogant, the whole department will feel some soil, if not, then it will be very handsome! If it is three buttons, the Department of the top two or only on the middle of a button that is more in line with the conventional, if there is other systems, looks a bit awkward. In addition, if the custom is a double-breasted overalls, it is best to wear all the buttons are buckled, looks more orthodox.

 Followed by the buttons on the shirt, the general color will not be fancy, the color to classic colors black, white, gray mostly with the shirt color, play a supporting role. Generally smaller diameter of 12mm up and down. Now on the market the number of buttons on the shirt is generally 5-7.

 Kids button is the most need to pay attention to a button classification. Because it is for children wearing clothing so should focus on reflecting two major characteristics: First, the color to be gorgeous, and second, the strength of the button to be large, because children have the habit of hand or mouth bite clothes, so the button must be strong, not a Grab it.

 In addition, as people's awareness of environmental protection strengthens, the safety of children's products in various countries in the world is stricter and more stringent, and the buttons are no exception. Combinations of buttons that are usually required for children's wear can not contain heavy metal elements and toxic elements such as chromium, nickel, cobalt, copper, mercury, lead, etc. The dyes used should not contain certain azo dyes that decompose toxic components of the human body.

 Finally, the buttons used in the wedding dress, that is, we usually say decorative buttons. These buttons generally have two styles. One is the metal bright type (plated metal buttons, or ABS plated buttons), the other is the style of cloth buttons, cloth buttons belong to the retro style, with the evening dress button, the choice of cloth buttons with the original Cloth bag out of buttons, is an elegant and luxurious dress, highlighting the characteristics of women.

 Different clothing selection of different buttons, the Chinese button industry has the most complete online button classification. China Button Industry Network is a bulk purchasing e-commerce procurement platform, online purchase can rebate 2%.

 The shape of the button relative to the whole garment is small, but its effect can not be neglected. So designers need to pay attention to the use of buttons and color, play a decorative effect.