How to maintain buttons in life?

- Jan 16, 2018-

 Buttons in our lives everywhere, it can embellishment clothing as a bright spot, then clothing needs maintenance, buttons also need maintenance. Different types of buttons, cleaning methods are also different:

First, gemstones, crystal buttons: belong to the precious things, with abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to organic, inorganic cleaning agent characteristics;

Second, resin buttons: resin buttons is a high temperature guy, can withstand 180 degrees of high temperature, can be ironed. Very good abrasion resistance, so it can be machine-wash on a washing machine;

Third, the nylon buttons: good toughness, no strong external force will not break the extrusion, but also has a good wear resistance, due to the unique material properties and clothing can be dry cleaning or wet cleaning;

Four, imitation leather buttons: durable heat resistance, wear resistance and resistance to organic solvents and other aspects will be limited, can not be ironed, can not be immersed in organic solvents, but can not be stirred in the washing machine for a long time washing;

Five, injection button: brittle, and not high temperature, intolerant organic solvents;

Six, plexiglass buttons: poor surface scratch resistance, can not be cleaned with organic solvents, temperature resistance is not high. Do not put in boiling water boil, electric consoles will melt longer contact time, and can not be beat with hard objects;

Seven, coconut buttons: the same with the wood buttons, strong water swelling, the best can not be washed;

Eight, shell buttons: the material is more brittle, easy to rupture when impacted, impatience with hydrogen peroxide corrosion, acid easily break down;

Nine, stone buttons, ceramic buttons: Belong to natural mineral buttons, stone buttons are generally made of marble, these buttons hardness, wear-resistant, high temperature, wash generally will not be broken;

Ten, wood buttons and bamboo buttons: Can be dry-cleaned with the clothing, with water absorption, put it into the water, it will soon absorb water, swelling, when once again there may be cracking after drying, deformation, or rough , It is easy to hook clothing fibers, it is best not to wash.

 After learning so much knowledge about button maintenance, we can all know that button maintenance is actually very simple. Just pay more attention to some small details to keep your button in a completely new state!

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