The ways to let the jeans do not fade

- Jan 18, 2018-

 If you washed jeans, you absolutely will not be willing to see the washed water inside the jeans left the color. Indeed, fading makes it less shiny and natural than it used to be, and the shrinking of the pants will make the jeans less formal and firm as before. Whether you are a big brand of pants, or stalls pants, you certainly do not want it to appear fade or shrink phenomenon. So, how to maintain a long time jeans "youth"?

1, When washing jeans do remember, it must be turned inside the pants, that is to wash the inside of the pants when washing.

2, When washing, do not wash with hot water, use cold water, because it helps to reduce discoloration and avoid shrinking, you can use a special washing liquid.

3, No matter what color of the jeans you wear, try not to bleach.

4, If conditional, try to dry naturally, do not put the washing machine inside drying.

5, Denim clothing do not hang up, but try to fold placed.

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