What should pay attention to when buying clothes?

- Apr 15, 2018-

1. In everyday life, light-colored garments are generally more environmentally friendly than dark ones. Because light-colored fabrics are less likely to be contaminated in the production process, especially intimate underwear. From a health point of view, lighter colors should be used.

2. You can choose to have no lining when buying clothing. Suits, such as suits, must be lining, and non-stick lining products can be selected. Because the adhesive liner requires glue, the glue usually contains formaldehyde and other solvents.

3. Green Environmentally approved garments are generally accompanied by a disposable laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo. People can use a laser pen to illuminate them, and 10 rings can be seen at any angle.

4. When you buy clothes, you may smell it. Much of the smell of clothing such as moldy smell, kerosene smell, fishy smell, benzene smell, etc. is too high in formaldehyde content and cannot be purchased.

5. Try not to avoid ironing clothes. Especially those who are allergic to formaldehyde, can not wear non-iron clothing.

6. If you buy a non-ironing garment, please do not immediately hung it in the closet. It is best to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and then wear it to reduce the formaldehyde content of the garment.

7. After wearing new clothes, if there is skin itching, contact dermatitis and other skin allergies, or emotional anxiety, poor diet, continuous cough and other symptoms, consider whether the clothing caused by discomfort, as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment.

At the same time, for the sake of children's health, when choosing to wear children's clothing, consumers can identify them through selection, smell, wash, and other methods.

Selection: Formaldehyde is mainly derived from cheaper dyes and auxiliaries. At this point, parents are advised not to buy clothes that have undergone anti-wrinkle treatment for children, try to buy children's clothes with a small pattern, pay attention to the print on the pattern, do not be hard, do not buy bleached children's clothing and colors. Particularly bright and heavy clothing, because of this type of children's clothing is particularly high in formaldehyde. Of course, light-colored clothing is the best choice for parents, because the dark clothing worn by the child's friction, easy to make the dye off into the skin, especially some infants love to bite clothes, dyes and chemicals will therefore enter the child's body, damage the body.

Wen: There was a particularly strong irritating odor in children's clothes. However, due to the tight packaging of children's clothes, the general area of business premises was relatively large, and sometimes the smell was difficult to distinguish. Therefore, it was necessary to open the outer bag or get home. Carefully identify.

Washing: Formaldehyde is relatively easy to dissolve in water. To prevent it, after the children's clothing is bought home, do not try it on the child right away. It is best to rinse thoroughly with fresh water before wearing it, especially the intimate underwear, so as not to endanger children's health.