Setting button and buttonhole position

- Apr 17, 2018-

 Designers always use different styles of buttons based on the style, reference to the front center line, the highest and the waist and the new position.

 The upper eye position is the most important thing in a buttonhole. It should be marked on the horizontal line with the base point of the refutation line (the refline line passes the X point).

 The button on the waist is also very important. It is often located above the waistline and below the waistline. In the connected jacket, there is only one buckle (connected double button), it is always located 2cm above the waist line, in order to prevent the arched head. Most of the current styles use middle buttons, or the lowest button, while in traditional styles, narrow button suits often use high button positions. Two buckles are more convenient, and the buttonhole spacing depends on the style. Generally, the buttonhole spacing is at least 6cm (sometimes less) and at most 1.5cm (usually 9~10cm).

 In a single-breasted design, the distance between the button and buttonhole to the corresponding edge is theoretically equal or substantially equal. This is particularly suitable for narrow threshold (2 ~ 3cm) styles, because here, the button means that it is on the front midline. In fact, the buttonhole of the suit is usually very close to the spigot line, about 1~2cm, and the button is often sewn to the inner side of the rim (preferably to the fold door), and sometimes it is also moved inwards or outwards. To adjust the tightness of the garment. In this way, we do not have to move the distance of the front midline (such as the high-neutral suit jacket).

 In double-breasted styles, the distance between the double-row buttons from the front midline is mainly determined by the width of the threshold. This style usually has a wider barter, the New York position is lower or higher than the waist line. Double-breasted from the front midline distance, usually 6 ~ 8cm (button spacing 10 ~ 11cm); for low-headed, low-new position of the traditional style, the distance is usually 9cm, or even 10cm (with a button spacing of 14 ~15cm).

 When designing buttons and buttonholes in double-breasted suit jackets, buttonholes on the placket are usually marked 1-2cm away from the flap edge. Then, in order to facilitate sewing, the distance from the front midline Distance, determine the second (neighboring) New Line (of course, no buttonholes in this line). In the bottom placket, single-breasted eyes are usually closer to the mouth than the inner button, in order to keep the bottom edge of the lower door in place.

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